What Tradition of Fear do you Endorse since a Child that is a false Fact today?

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"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

Life as we are taught to believe is not as it seems to be. There are moments in life  where we suddenly imagine that we are not living the life of our dreams. In doing so, we realize it is time to release the story we believed and manifest a new one. After all, aren't all stories simply different chapters in life.

I chose a few years ago to release my story of yesterday. It simply no longer was serving me. In reflection, I was taught many ways of believing that were not my beliefs. The greatest one was a belief in fear.

  • Fear of listening to what my heart desired.
  • Fear of a world that was dangerous.
  • Fear of death and the unknown.
  • Fear that my life would be tragic in some way.
  • Fear that I was not good enough.
  • Fear in lack.

These chapters of my life story were gifted to me from generations of women and I imagine men as well. My truth today is to be witness to a belief that releases separation and duality. Yes, today I know that the greatest of fears was, fear of God, as taught in the Catholic school I attended. I slowly walked a path away from this belief and it has been a marvelous journey to be on.

Writing, praying, and meditation have opened the door to this next chapter in my life that is an intuitive, joyful  journey. I know the truth of love and forgiveness has empowered me to not only love myself but to love all of life. As I learned to forgive myself, I was witness to also forgive all who traveled my path with me. This is the inner guidance that speaks to all. The greatest of chapters in my story was that I learned that all are doing the best that they can on their journey of discovery for their truth of self.

"Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They are there to let you know that something is worth it..." - C.JoyBell C.


There is an inner guidance that we all possess that silently speaks, but we need to become aware of this small voice from our Higher Self. When we open our minds and hearts to listen to the silence of life, we develop communication with who we are that fuels our soul.

I simply walked a slow path on this journey in my story. The chapters were haunting me from yesterday because of the despair, as a young child I witnessed. Ask, yourself of the despair you may have faced and how it effects you this day? That is what needs to be released! Keeping a journal releases and helps to process yesterday's fear.

The story of our life has purpose and was chosen by each one of us to learn the simple truth of loving who we are, as we are. In doing so, we  shine our light out into the world as a beam for them to discover for themself another way of living their lives. The story of your life can be changed at any time. If there is a desire for something in your life that is missing, pray and ask for guidance.

The story of our life is our book of life that we manifested to become empowered by releasing all that no longer serves us today as adults. The fears, pain, despair and chaos of yesterday does not belong in today. Let the sparkle of your light shine bright by doing the work that is needed to discover your truth. Silence your mind with meditation by sitting daily and connecting to spirit.

"Don't give in to your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart..." - Paulo Coelho

Emotions, and feelings that we encounter can drive us insane because we are taught to go outside of ourselves for freedom. The answers we are searching for rests within the pages of our own story. Being silent, by sitting in meditation daily develops a journey of inner peace. We all strive to be seen, loved, heard, respected and significant. When any of our chalenges confuse us we must look for the path that will unfold once this hurdle is over. Trusting that there is process to life is a beginning. In doing so, you tell the Universe that you believe in it!

At times, I had wondered why I shifted to believe as I do today? When was the exact moment that I knew there was more to life than what I had been raised to believe? These questions opened a page in my life to choose another way of being. Develop a practice of going within for the answers because only you know your true self.

Today, the questions in the silent moments of my existence are always there but I seem to be embraced by what can only be peace. Where there is peace there can be no fear. I tell myself this is a better way to believe no matter what fork in the road I choose. I am here today because I awakened to the voice of my soul and released the story of society that I was given. I am grateful for the wisdom I discovered in the pages of each chapter; peace, love, bliss are within today.

The greatest of beliefs is to release the past with love once and for all. We are all taught by our parents and the society we are raised in and sometimes that no longer works for us today. When we become adults, we have the right to choose for ourselves.

  • What do you choose today for yourself?
  • What do you desire to release?
  • What or who no longer serves your highest good now?

Be Love, Linda
Pray! Meditate! Journal!

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