Yes, Today I Understand, I have Become My Mother’s Daughter

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“Only you can live your truth…” – Linda Amato

linda-amato-believable-alternatives-yes-today-i -understand-i -have-become-my-mothers-daughterAs I  reflect on our lives yesterday, I picture her celebrating her 70th birthday. At the time, I was 50 years old. This year, it was I who turned 70 without her! As, Mom is no longer here but lives on in my heart. I embrace with love a belief that she simply had to exit from this dimension for now.

  • Many a day I see a reflection of her in myself.
  • I feel her essence throughout the day as I  glance at my reflection.
  • She visits my dreams at night.
  • That first year of her transition she stayed by my side to experience my daily life.

linda-amato-believable-alternatives-yes-today-i -understand-i -have-become-my-mothers-daughterToday, as a wife, mother and grandmother I AM witness to my truth as I  learned it form her. It is her teachings which I hold close to my heart…

  • She is beside me in the morning as I dress the bed.
  • Her presence is felt while I cook and wash the dishes.
  • She smiles with me as I laugh at a movie.
  • There are moments when I  know she witnesses me as a grandmother today.

linda-amato-believable-alternatives-yes-today-i -understand-i -have-become-my-mothers-daughterI draw my strength to be who I AM today because of her. I chose her at birth to learn how to be me. I thank her for her teachings. The reality of life is that we are all teachers of one another. I know this truth today by choosing forgiveness for her fears. The fearful of yesterday were a generation that will be difficult for today’s children in the future to understand, However, the child of today will have fears from this time to process and digest of their own in the future.

Fear is simply the mind of one’s ego. Fear is not of God’s mind. Society, parents and teachers plant the seed of fear. as we have witnessed the last two years. The journey today has been one of fear vs. love. Because of my mom, I have been blessed to embrace love as my path. It is a lesson in itself to learn to turn to love…

  • Love of self
  • Love of ones neighbor
  • Love for our Life experience

Love is the path to walk eventually to healing the past, staying present and manifesting the future of our passions. We are all doing the best we can. I  know my mom did the best that she could. I have learned compassion, non-judgment and acceptance from her fears.

Become aware of you as you go through the day and witness the glimpse of your mom right by your side. Be grateful for her teachings!

“The Path into the New Earth is simple: No guilt. No shame. No regrets. So be it….” – Mary Magdalene

Light,Love & Power, Linda

Pray! Meditate! Journal!

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