You Are a Divine Being of Light and Love!

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“Only you can live your truth…” – Linda Amato

linda-amato-believablealternatives-you-are-a-being-of-light-and-loveYour inner wisdom is the inspiration received from your higher self. This connection stems from the actions of silence, mother nature, and play. The process of life for everyone is to go within for the answers. No one knows your truth as well as you do. Your passion in life is your purpose. That is where play steps into your day because you love, enjoy, and raise your vibration by that which you do.

Now, is the exact time for you to unlock the door to your divine essence.  Change can only be an action you desire to choose because in your heart there is an ache for more…


  • More to know…
  • More to do…
  • More to be…
    Beliefs are unique to you as the desire within that stems from the thought process which is as powerful for you as you know them to be with certainty.
    Reactions are the triggers for the lessons you need to learn, forgive, and accept.
    Choices are how your intentions for self desires to manifest with love.
linda-amato-believable-alternatives-you-are-a-divine-being-of-light-and-loveThis desire for “More” is innate and rises in divine time by your lifestyle; beliefs, reactions, choices, and relationships. In life everyone has a gift to offer you whether in a long term relationships or just someone passing through your life. How you react to their opinions, and comments is a reflection on a part of self that is either critical, judgmental, or positive and kind.

Take a moment to contemplate on the way you react to that one person who makes you insane…

  • What is it in them that triggers a confrontation?
  • Can you learn from them how not to take what they say personally?
  • NOW, Who is that person or persons that you embrace with love and happiness when you are with them?

Paying attention to your reactions caused by triggers is a way to know that there is more in life at this time and you are ready to seek those answers. There comes a divine time for an awakening of self to desire to live in happiness, joy, and kindness. Your soul will ache for this and whisper to you to pay attention!

Beginning a meditation practice, prayer, and journal time as you set intention, goals and affirmations will empower your life. No one can do what you were born into this life experience to do. If, for any reason you feel an inner ache for change, go for it! I know you can do it! Trust the voice of your soul to show you the direction of your dreams.

I look forward to your comments…

“The Path into the New Earth is simple: No guilt. No shame. No regrets. So be it….” – Mary Magdalene

Light & Love, Linda

Pray! Meditate! Journal!

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