Your Freedom is Essential for Your Existence!

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“Freedom lies in being bold…” – Robert Frost

linda-amato-believable-alternatives-your-freedom-is-essential-for-your-existenceHow do you communicate your feelings daily? Let’s take a look into the journey of birth, rebirth, renewal and reflection…The journey has been one of acceptance until recently!

  • Life exists from the moment you are conceived.
  • Then we learn everything we need to know in life from our parents.
  • Once we begin school we are subject to the beliefs of teachers, other children, and society as a whole.
  • You will develop a pattern of protection of self before the age of six. These patterns are a form of not living your truth.
  • The last two years we have been told to live a certain way that has no bearings on our truth.

What erases the truth of self to develop a pattern that is false? Fear…

Fear is the one choice that takes us away from our truth. We believe we cannot speak our truth, live our truth or even be truthful in any way or form. Fear has been embraced by all of humanity at this time in life. I imagine in today’s world there are many fearful, uncertain aspects of life that are daunting at this time. This is not the new normal way of existence for any of us. These crimes against humanity are not acceptable. Freedom is given to us by the Laws of God not the Laws of man. Man/Government have no power over what God has deemed is just. Freedom is our truth. Freedom is for all.

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” – Coco Channel

I ask you at this time how are you dealing with your fears? The greatest choice for all of us to embrace now is Meditation and Prayer. When we sit in silence we sit with God. When we pray we talk to God. Now is the time to create a spiritual ritual of shutting out the fears that take away your power. We are all spiritual beings enjoying this human experience. However, some people have this idea that they can take our freedoms away from us with mandates,


Within all of us there is an innate wisdom that is God granted to know the truth. To live in truth of self one has to embrace all that supports them daily with love, joy, peace, kindness and gratitude. In our prayers we need to forgive and release what no longer serves us from all dimensions, time and space now. Everything is energy and all that you think, say and act upon is a form of energy as well. Telling the same stories over and over again impact the essence of your energy field as well.

Don’t change who you are because people don’t know who they are …” – Linda Amato

Your-Freedom-is-essentialfor-your-existence-linda-amato-believable-alternativesAs we embrace a spiritual practice with an open-heart and mind that no one has the power over us when it comes to our freedom, inner peace will be embraced. This is the reason for life at this time – to keep our freedom.

  • No one can tell you what to believe is right for you.
  • No one has the power to force you to believe how they choose to believe.
  • We all are given the right to live our life at this time with dignity, discernment and wisdom.
  • How we choose to believe is our freedom.

As we begin this month in the year 2022, please re-evaluate your life – take fearless inventory! Make peace with everyone. Set goals for yourself. Take the necessary action to manifest your goals in the future. Kindness, Compassion and Love will enable you to keep an open-heart towards everyone. All three are also a form of your freedom of choice. Add these tools into your life daly: Intention, Affirmation and Meditation. Please remember that your word is your prayer!

 Love, Wisdom, and Power, Linda

Meditate! Pray! Journal!

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